Here are described only a few examples of how Database Tour can be used.

Some examples are intended mainly for newbies.

In the examples, table and field names are hypothetical; use the names from your own database instead.

In the bigger part of the examples it is assumed that you have already connected the corresponding database.

Examples of Batch Changing Field Contents

    Assign the same value 'New' to all records in the field 'Category' of the table 'Clients'
    The same as the previous, but change only records where value in field 'Debt' is greater than 20
    Change all first symbols in all text fields of Animals table to upper case

Examples of Data Exporting

    Export data from a dBase (DBF) table to a new Paradox (DB) table
    Export data to JSON
    Create a new table, which must consist of fields 'Name' and 'Street' from table 'Friends'
    Copy selected tables to another database
    Migrate several tables from PostgreSQL to SQL Server

Examples of Data Importing

    Import data of first two records from 'Country' table and fields 'Capital' and 'Area' into the 'City' table and fields 'Name' and 'Area', accordingly (from the same database)

Examples of Deleting Records

    Delete records, where value of field 'Debt' is less than 10

Examples of Printing Data

    Print a table or query
    Print the first and the third column from a table
    Print a table with totals for all numeric fields (Database Tour Pro only)
    Create a report with grouping records (Database Tour Pro only)
    Automate the following actions: Open 'WorkData' ODBC data source, 'City' table from this database, load report template from file C:\My templates\city.dtt and show the report preview (Database Tour Pro only)

Examples of Finding and Replacing Data

    Find the 'Bill' word in field 'Name'
    Replace all the 'Cat' words in the fields Animal and Description with the 'Mouse' word

Examples of Arithmetic Operations with Data

    Get sum of numeric field 'Price' from 'Goods' table

Examples of Customizing Data View

    Specify custom titles for data grid columns
    Specify the column pick list, all records from which must be extracted from a certain database field

Examples of Copying and Pasting Table Data

    Copy opened table or query to clipboard
    Paste data from clipboard into an opened table

Examples of Encrypting Files

    Encrypt all files from C:\My Templates folder (Database Tour Pro only)