This topic describes the basic principle of exporting a table from one database to another. If you need the description for certain database types, try to search among next topics. If you cannot find an example for your database type, try to rework some existing example where the source and/or target database type is the same or similar to yours.

Export Preparation

It is recommended to register both the source and the target databases before you start to configure your export process.

Both databases must support the same architecture: 32-bit or 64-bit. I.e. both databases must be successfully opened in one Database Tour instance.

Export Steps

  1. Open the source database.
  2. Open your source dataset, i.e. select a table from the table list or execute a SQL query.
  3. If you chose the table, switch to Data page.
  4. Click Export button.
  5. Go to Database page and select the destination database. Choose needed export options.
  6. Click Next and specify source-to-target field mappings. You can skip this step by clicking Export instead of Next; in this case the correspondence between source and target fields/columns will be done automatically.
  7. Click Export.

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