This topic describes how to quickly drop multiple database objects of a certain type with the example of views. The view is a pre-established SQL query command, which returns a result set and kept in the database dictionary. On SQL level, views can be accessed as regular tables.

Important Notes About Database Views

Steps to Drop Multiple Views

  1. Open the needed database.
  2. Switch to the Tables tab of the Object Browser.
  3. Ensure the list of tables is sorted by type. You can do it by right-clicking the list and choosing Sort by menu. When the list is sorted by type, database views will be grouped at the end of it, where it would be easier to select them.
  4. Right-click the table list and choose Multiple Selection.
  5. Select the views to drop.
  6. Right-click the table list and choose Generate SQL | Drop... menu. A new SQL window will be created and filled with the script to drop all selected objects.
  7. Click Execute query button.
  8. If the Commit button is active, click it to commit changes.

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