Here is the description of how to extract the DDL text of multiple stored procedures from Firebird database and export it to a multi-command SQL script.

Note: This task can be also done for other database objects and other database types. See details here.

Steps to Extract and Export DDL

  1. Open the needed database.
  2. Switch to the Procedures tab of the Object Browser. If the Object Browser was closed, click a vertical splitter at the left side of the window.
  3. Right-click the procedure list and choose Multiple Selection.
  4. Select the procedures to extract DDL from.
  5. Right-click the list and choose Generate SQL | DDL | Create DDL Script... menu.
  6. Choose needed options and click OK. A new SQL window will be created and filled with the script containing the DDL text of the selected database objects.
  7. Save the script to a file if you need.

Note: You can choose Save DDL to File(s)... instead of Create DDL Script... menu. In this case you will able to save the DDL to individual files, one file per database object.

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