Specific Data Functions

The Database Tour has a large set of functions for different types of database fields like text, numeric, graphic etc. Some of them of course can be executed using Database Tour SQL tools, but having specific GUI often simplifies the task.

Batch Operations with Text Fields

You can use several useful functions for selected fields of a dataset: trimming, changing case of symbols etc.

Batch Operations with Text Fields

Calculating Data in Numeric Fields

You can perform several arithmetic operations like sum, average, min, max with a certain numeric field of the open dataset without needing to write a SQL query for that.

Calculate Data in Numeric Fields

Searching and Replacing Text in DB

You can search and replace text in a data set (Table or SQL query result). The functionality also covers Memo, CLOB and text compatible BLOB columns.

It is also possible to search and replace code in SQL windows and schema files. And some interface parts of the application are searchable too.

Find and Replace Text in Database

Blob Viewer and Editor

BLOB and CLOB fields allow to store different kinds of binary and text data like graphics, large text, database reports etc. Blob Editor is a tool to work with such data.

Blob Editor