Affiliate Program

Welcome to Vitaliy Levchenko Affiliate Program! This program is powered by eSellerate and allows you to sell our products Database Tour and Database Tour Pro from your own web site(s) and earn 30% commission. Signing up as a member is easy and free!

Except standard way to earn money by providing 'Buy Now' links for our software, it is possible to make custom builds for you with your registration links. This modified software can be distributed then on your web site(s), CDs etc.

How does it work?

First you join our affiliate program and are given your own unique affiliate code, which usually starts with "AFL" and followed by 10 digits, for example: AFL1112223334. Second, you choose products you want to sell. Then create URL links for each selected product and place them on your web site.

For example, lets assume you want to sell Database Tour Pro and your affiliate code is AFL1234567890. The basic URL link of Database Tour Pro ordering page looks like

You modify it like this (just append the &AffIDC=AFL1234567890 to the end of the basic URL):

When someone visits your site, clicks this link, and purchases our product, your earn a commission.


For more information, please contact us or visit 'Join Now' page.

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