Key Features: Database Report and Data Printing

Database Tour can print the table data either as they shown in the data grid or by using its own database reporting tool (Database Tour Pro only). Graphic data and large text can be printed either separately or as a part of report.

The first time (after opening the data set) the report builder or report preview is accessed, the report is automatically generated. In many cases it is enough to print the data. If the automatically created report does not satisfy the user, it can be edited in the report builder. Report builder allows to customize your reports quickly and easily. It contains convenient object inspector, tool bars etc.

Report Designer See more screenshots

Database Tour Pro reports allow using the calculated fields and totals, grouping the data (up to three levels), pasting graphic shapes and pictures (from files or database), highlighting text by colors, background, borders etc.

When the report is ready, its template can be saved to file. It can be loaded from file every time when it is needed. The template can be opened from the file either in the program (from report builder after opening the data set) or simply by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer (in this case the linked data set is automatically opened and the report template is loaded).

Report Preview See more screenshots

For more details about database reports, please see Database Tour documentation.