Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What are the differences between Database Tour Pro and Reportizer reporting?

What are the differences between Database Tour and Exportizer Enterprise exporting?

How to move Database Tour to another computer?

What version to choose: 32-bit or 64-bit?

Pre-purchase and post-purchase questions

I purchased Database Tour and I need support. Where should I place the support ticket?

I purchased Database Tour, but after entering the activation key, I see error message 'Database Tour has already been registered on another computer'. What does it mean?

I purchased Database Tour, but cannot activate it. I entered my activation key and application said it is valid, but every time the application starts, activation window appears. What am I doing wrong?

I purchased Database Tour, but now I want purchase another copy. Can I expect a discount in this case?

I installed and registered Database Tour, but now I need to move it on another computer. What is the right way to do this?

I want purchase several your products. Can I expect a discount in this case?

Technical questions

Database Tables

I opened a database table but cannot find how to edit the data.

Database Queries

Where can I find the Database Tour SQL documentation?

Can I execute several SQL queries simultaneously?

How to see the DDL script of database object(s)?

Exporting Data

Exporting data to local files is really fast, but how can I speed up the exporting to server databases?
How to export very large datasets to another database?

I need to export the result of calculating formulas. Is it possible?

How to export BYTES fields?

How to export many tables at a time?
How to export images from a BLOB column to individual image files?
How to export text from some column(s) to individual text files?

Working with Command Line

Can Database Tour be run in 'silent' mode?


How to work with transactions?

How to copy registered databases to another computer?

Can Database Tour repair Paradox files using Borland TUTIL32.DLL?

Why Database Tour says BDE is not available? I am sure I installed it.

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