To export the data from open database, use Export button or items from Tools menu.

It is possible to export data from an open dataset, from a set of open datasets, or from all selected tables at a time.

Note: Alternatively, you can use our another application for data exporting and migrating: Exportizer. It has similar interface and the same export capabilities, but simpler and cheaper. You can compare the applications here.

Exporting Data from an Open Dataset

Open a data set (table or SQL query). Be sure to stay on Data page for table and Result page for query. Then either click Export button, press Ctrl+E, or choose Tools | Export Data | Current Dataset... menu.

Exporting Data from a Group of Open Datasets at a Time

Open several data sets (tables and/or SQL queries). Then either press Shift+Ctrl+E or choose Tools | Export Data | Open Datasets... menu.

Exporting Data from Several Selected Tables at a Time

Make sure the Object Browser is visible. In Object Browser, switch to Tables page. Right-click the table list and make sure the Multiple Selection option from the context menu is turned on. Select needed tables in the list. Then either click Export button or choose Tools | Export Data | Selected Tables... menu.

After choosing the action, the Export dialog window will appear. Go through the steps and click the corresponding button to execute the export procedure.

Data Export Options

Target Formats and Format Specific Options

Table and Field Mappings

Logs and Error Handling

GUI Options

Close this window after clicking Export

When you select this option, the export dialog will be closed right after you click Export button; otherwise, the export dialog will remain open even when your action is done and you will be able to quickly change the options and repeat your action. This option is available only if you export data from one table.

Open target after successful exporting

When you select this option, and export operation was successful, then the target is opened by software, which is set as default software for the target type.

In multi-table exporting, it works differently depending on the target type:

  • when exporting to HTML, and Create index file option is turned on, the index.html file (it contains hyperlinks to all exported files) is opened;
  • when exporting to a server or multi-table file database, the last table is opened;
  • for other cases, each exported file is opened.

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