This allows you to copy data from active data set to clipboard. The data are copied in text format. Contents of MEMO and CLOB fields (fields with large text) are copied only if the corresponding option is set. Activate copying to clipboard using the corresponding button of the main window, Tools | Copy to Clipboard menu or context menu of the table.

You can select one of several data ranges to copy: full table, current column, current record, or selected records.

After copying, you can paste data into another application (for example, Microsoft Excel) or into the table opened in Database Tour.

The copying function is available not only for tables with data, but also for other tables in the application (for example, tables of fields, indexes, SQL history etc.).


It is recommended, that the data for copying do not contain tab or carriage return characters because these characters are used in copying procedures to separate columns and records, respectively.

Export Data to Clipboard

Using Tools | Copy to Clipboard | Custom... menu, you can export data to clipboard instead of file or another database. Here, you have standard Export dialog, with its ability to choose the target format and a lot of specific options.

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