There are several SQLite-specific tools in Database Tour, under Tools | Database Specific Tools | SQLite Tools menu.

Creating SQLite database

Here, you can create a new SQLite database. Choose the corresponding menu item. You will be asked to specify the database file name. After that, you can be asked about the path to SQLite vendor library (if you did not specify it before); just select the sqlite3.dll from the folder where you installed SQLite.

Encrypting or Decrypting SQLite database

You can encrypt or decrypt an SQLite database file or check the encryption status of the selected SQLite file.

When encrypting the database, you need to specify a database password to use for encrypting. This password will be needed for connecting this database using FD interface in Database Tour. If the database was previously encrypted, you need to specify the old password too; otherwise, leave the Old password field empty.

When decrypting the database, you need to specify the password used to encrypt the database.