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Database Tour and Database Tour Pro are database tools for all major database types like Oracle, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, dBase, Paradox, CSV etc.

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What Database Tour features highlight it among other database tools?
  • Powerful export-import capabilities.
  • Embedded report engine with a report designer (Database Tour Pro only). Data from any open table or SQL query can be shown and printed in the most convenient view directly in Database Tour Pro, without needing to transfer the data into other programs (although this is also possible!).
  • Running SQL dumps. With specifying a separator for SQL statements, you can run dumps with unlimited count of statements at a time.
  • Big set of functions, which perform most often used operations with databases, such as searching and replacing text etc.
  • Great convenience of viewing the data. Database Tour data grids give you an ability to view MEMO (large text) and graphic fields, expand rows, use autoscrolling, sorting, selecting group of records, copying data etc. Data in tables can be highlighted depending on its content (so called conditional formatting). There is a tool for working with BLOB fields, such as large text and graphics.
  • Large number of operations can be performed through the command line (mostly in Database Tour Pro). This allows using it in batch files, schedulers, and in calls from other programs.
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