In Database Tour, it is possible to build the database structure tree. The structure tree shows database tables, their schemata (if applicable) and columns (optionally). The information can be enriched with the objects' types and descriptions (if applicable). Several options allow flexible customizing the depth and completeness of the data in the tree. To build the tree, open the needed database and choose Tools | Structure Tree... menu.

Please note that different database types supports different types of objects and not all databases allow to give descriptions for database objects. The speed of the tree generation can depend on the database type too; it is faster for local databases and databases of types Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Firebird, Interbase, MySQL, where Database Tour currently uses advanced technique when working with database objects.

Here is how the tree looks for PostgreSQL database:

Building the DB Structure Tree

It is possible to export the structure tree to several common formats like Excel, HTML etc.

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